2023 goals: July update (55.43%)

Thiago Moreira
Thiago Moreira
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Another month ended and another month with good progress, in fact this July I had my best performance so far. I was able to conquer 13.25% towards the 100%!

Until now I covered 55.43% of the path to achieve my goals. Which is pretty good compared to a perfect world where I would have to be on 58.33% (7 months out of 12) I'm just 2.9% off.

Chart showing the monthly evolution of the 2023 goals.
2023 monthly evolution

Besides the good progress I also made small changes in the goals for the second semester of the year. The middle of the year seems to be a good time to reevaluate the goals. Few things aren’t working as expected so I decided to make some changes to get different results.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. -Albert Einstein

The first change that I did was super small. I removed the word “new” from the goal “Travel with the family to 3 new Brazilian cities”. In the beginning of the year I thought that it would be easy to plan a trip to 3 new Brazilian cities, but it wasn’t. After a few agenda conflicts my wife and I decided to go to São Paulo and Paraty for a short vacation in August (I’m writing this post from a hotel room in Paraty). The thing is, São Paulo and Paraty aren’t new for us. We lived for 4 years in São Paulo and visited Paraty a few times. The primary objective of the goal was to do a family trip and this is still there even though it isn’t to a new place.

The second change is a complete rewrite of the a goal that was stuck without too much chance to move forward. I knew since the beginning of the year that it would be hard to do it because the goal was measuring the result and not the action. Which gives me zero control on how or when it will move the needle forward. Now the goal "Build an online passive income stream to generate $100/month" is “Execute 130 Pomodoro sessions in side hustle projects”. Note that now I’m measuring the actions and not the result, I’m back in control. The rationale behind the 130 number is 1 Pomodoro session per business day. It ended up that I’m working more than 1 Pomodoro session (30 minutes) per business day, usually 2 Pomodoro sessions per business day and several sessions on the weekends. This is called being motivated! I will achieve the goal well earlier than expected (12/31/2023) but that is okay. I will keep track of the time that I’m dedicating to side hustle projects to use as a baseline when defining the next year’s goals.

Another important thing that happened in July is the conclusion of the goal “Build 6 assets that can generate passive income”. Looks like I underestimate my writing skills because I will surpass this number fairly easily. Nonetheless I’m still struggling to sit down and write, as you can see I’m posting this on 08/24 instead of 08/01. None of the posts that I’ve written are generating any kind of income.

2023 Goals status on July, 1st
2023 Goals — July Update