Whatsapp Integration

We are where the users are. Don't botter to install a new app or remember login and password. 37 Goals is available as a Whatsapp bot. You can interact with the systems using just plain text

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Progress Velocity

After a few activities add the platform will provide you the velocity that you are progressing. What cool is it to know how fast are you becoming better and better?

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Statistics & Charts

All sort of statistics to make sure that are in the right path or in the need to do course corrrection. Charts are available to easily read and digest the numbers.

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Progress Bar

Progress bar with current and desried progress. The desired progress is automagically calculate to pushes the user to keep moving forward.

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Likely date to complete

The platform provides an estimate date when you will complete the goal based on your current efforts (velocity).

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Goals, Tasks and Activities

Create your goals, breakdown them into feasible and measurable tasks. Track the progress of goals with activities.

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Goals Samples

Save 30k for retirement
Executar 112 sessões (duas vezes por semana) de exercício físico que levem mais de 30 minutos
Travel with the family to 4 difference new cities inside the country
Read 24 books