2023 Goals: August update (79.06%)

Thiago Moreira
Thiago Moreira
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The end of the year is around the corner and I have to admit that I’m enjoying this whole goal management process. It is like a game! To win the game you need to complete the 100% and every % counts! The time ticking against you also gives the sensation of a game.

August was a better month than July (which was the best so far)! I paved 23.63% of the road this month. Since the beginning of the year 79.06% were done, which is way better than a perfect world where I would have done 66.66%.

2023 monthly evolution

In August I took two weeks of vacation which allowed me to kick off two important goals: “Sail across 2 different cities/ports” and “Travel with family to 3 Brazilian cities” both were flat since the beginning of the year because both demands a lot of planning and agenda syncing. Luckily (or well planned 😁) we had the opportunity to travel to Paraty and sail! Paraty bay is well known to be an easy sail and that is what we were looking for!

Getting ready for the sunset on the sailboat’s bow.

This quick vacation also allowed me to spend more time working on my side hustle projects. After two months working on this goal I figured that 130 Pomodoro sessions or 30 minutes per day isn't too challenging. This is another lesson learned for next year’s goal definition.

Vacation is great! I need to take more!

A new condition happened this month where the goal "Build 6 assets that can generate passive income" surpassed 100%. I already mentioned the possibility of this happening in the last post, it isn't a surprise but it is a new thing. Now the goal is at 117% complete and it will grow until New Year's eve.

2023 Goals — August Update

Upcoming months

July and August were great! A lot of accomplishment in all goals. The upcoming months won't be that good I’m pretty sure. I'm especially concerned with the goal "Save money for retirement" which is my top priority and the hardest one to complete. Looking into the goal's metrics and the income streams I will be close but probably won't be able to hit the finish line. Let's see!