2023 Goals: October Update (81.61%)

Thiago Moreira
Thiago Moreira
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October finished and it confirmed a trend that I realized in the end of August: the last months of the year my progress would be slow. The thing is now I only have 3 open goals to make progress, which is good looking from another perspective.

The total progress until the end of October was 81.61% which isn't bad but it is behind around 2% of the Perfect World (83.30%). Last month I was ahead 5% and now I'm behind. To better compare these numbers I'm now plotting the Perfect World line (red) in the chart.

2023 monthly evolution

Another curious fact is that I triple the amount of progress made on goals that I already completed. On September I made 7.45% and now on October the amount bumped to 21.41%. As I mentioned in previous posts I’m still tracking completed goals for planning purposes, I mean planning the next year’s goals.

Nothing major at goal's level except that I surpassed the "Attend to 2 trainings/workshop targeted to learn nautical skills" goal in 50%, I attended 3 out of 2 trainings.

One thing that I was missing in this screen was a progress bar to compare my Overall progress to the expected progress, which is now available. In the end of October I paved 81.61% (rounded 82%) of the progress but the expected progress was 83.30% (rounded 84%). Now it is visually clear the amount of percentage that I'm behind.