2024 Goals: April update (26.04%)

Thiago Moreira
Thiago Moreira
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April was a tough month.

Besides two weeks of traveling for work (I’m drafting this post on my flight back home) I was super unmotivated to push things forward.

A mix of things are holding me back, the consequence of this is that most of my goals now have their progress behind on the schedule compared to the Perfect World.

This also means that I will have to put more energy in the upcoming months to recover the progress. That is okay, life is hard! Defining and pursuing goals are harder.

April progress

Nonetheless I was able to conquer 3.52% of progress in the month. Way below compared to the desired 8.33%.

The cumulative progress was 26.04%. It is way below the Perfect World (33.33%) this gap will demand focus and energy to recovery. Still, I have a good chunk of the year to course correct.

Chart with percentage progress in 2024 generated by 37 Goals.
2024 progress chart by 37 Goals

One of the trips was to Las Vegas to attend the Google Cloud Next ’24. Big event, great venue and well organized (aside the coffee availability). But what really caught my attention was the agenda that had the majority of the content, I would say nearly 90%, about AI.
My takeaway: if one of the biggest companies in the world is heavily investing in AI, why I (and you) shouldn’t?

Google Cloud Next '24 in Las Vegas

Goal by goal progress

I’m using 37 Goals to manage my goals & progress. The below screenshot and the first one in this post was taken from my account in the service.

The screenshot below is a “photo” of my progress on 04/30. At this date the year has already passed by 33.33%.

Goal by goal progress: April update by 37 Goals

I was able to keep “green” the whole bar on two goals only:

  • Sail across different cities/ports and/or participate in regattas (12 times)
  • Donate blood 3 times

Sail every month is a very good pleasure that is reflecting on the good progress of the goal. And I already tripled the amount of sailing that I did in 2023.

I hope the reading and the metrics were enjoyable! If you liked please let me know commenting, clapping or sharing! It will motivate me to keep pushing.