2024 Goals: February update (13.27%)

Thiago Moreira
Thiago Moreira
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February is a short month especially here in Brazil because Carnival usually takes place in February.

This February was especially short not only because of the Carnival or amount of days in the month, which was bigger than usual due to the Leap year but because we were dealing with the lack of a babysitter!

And not having this extra support made me put everything aside to take care of my little one. And a toddler demands a lot of energy from you.

February progress

This whole “babysitter” situation was partially responsible for the low performance of the month. I only gauged 5.97% towards finish line, which is lower than the 8.33% required every month to be on track.

The cumulative progress was 13.27%. It is below the Perfect World (16.66%) but not that much to worry about yet. I have the whole year to course correct.

Chart displaying the monthly progress of 2024
2024 monthly progress

I made a small update on this chart compared to previous posts. Now I’m not plotting the Cumulative Progress and Perfect World data for future months. I also added the labels for the x and y axis. Both changes were feedback received from the Data Is Beautiful community in Reddit. Appreciate the feedback a lot.

Sail across different cities/ports and/or participate in regattas (12 times)

This goal is one of the coolest that I have and I'm super happy that I already covered 33% of it. In absolute numbers I already doubled last year’s goal. I did 4 sailing sessions against 2 of 2023.

Another day I shared in a social network post that I would like to master sailing, to master it (or any other thing) I have to practice and I've been practicing. That brings me some questions, how many miles I already navigate? How to track nautical miles?

Thiago participating in a regatta
Regatta 35º Circuito Oceânico de Santa Catarina

Goal by goal progress

I’m using  37 Goals  to manage my goals & progress. The below screenshot and the first one in this post was taken from my account in the service.

The screenshot below is a “photo” of my progress on 02/29. At this date the year already went by 16.66%.

The first block corresponds to my Overall progress (all goals combined). I did 12.37% (rounded to 13%) with a gap of 4% (16.66% minus 12.37%).

The subsequent blocks are each of my 9 goals for 2024.

I hope the reading and the metrics were enjoyable! I'm super motivated this year (again) to accomplish my New Year's resolution.

It has been a challenge to write these posts but I feel it can influence and motivate people to make the same and change their lives as I'm changing mine.