My 2024 New Year's Resolution

Thiago Moreira
Thiago Moreira
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Happy New Year! I know that I'm a bit late for this but since this is my very first post about 2024 the wish makes sense!

Beginning of the year is always an exciting time for me (and probably to a bunch of people out there too). It is time to review the past year and plan ahead using a blank canvas. Everything is possible!

Even though everything is possible I decided to stick to what was working in the past. A good chunk of my goals are a continuation of last year's goals but with steroids. The other half are new challenges that align with my long term vision for my life.

2024 goals

1. Save money for retirement

This year I decided to keep the same priority of last year's goals, e.g. "Save money for retirement". This goal is a multi-year goal that I started a long time ago in 2008. It isn’t just a goal, it is a dream. Dreams usually take years to complete, that is one of my dreams.

One important point regarding this goal is that it is 20% lower than last year… things are going wonky in work life.

2. Private Goal

The goal in the second position in my priorities is a "Private Goal" that I would like to keep to myself for now.

Pareto principle: let me add this section here to make a mark. As I keep learning about this goal setting process, one interesting thing that I learnt these days that I can also apply to my goals is the Pareto principle. Basically it states that “for many outcomes, roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes” with that in mind I decided to also prioritize and define which goals are part of my 20%. The two previous goals correspond to ~20% of my goals (2 out of 9).

3. Execute 156 sessions of physical exercise for 30 minutes

This goal is also a “remake” from last year but I increased it by 200% (52 -> 156 sessions). Last year I ended up completing the goal in September so I decided to give a good boost this year. I’m also trying to surf and sail more often.

4. Stay 104 days without screen after 9 pm

This has been shown to be a good challenge! When I was brainstorming my 2024 goals I felt that I had to come up with a goal to handle some sort of abstinence. I was between sugar and screen time. Both together would be impossible so I decided to do the screen time first because it will help me to sleep better.

5. Undergo surgery for sinusitis

I’m scared to death to do surgeries in general but I need to undergo this one. Let’s see how I will manage that throughout the year.

6. Sail across different cities/ports and/or participate in regattas

Another goal that was ported to 2024 is this. I changed the goal’s objective a bit to accommodate regattas too and increased 6 times the 2023’s number, e.g. it went from 2 “sailings” to 12.

7. Attend to 6 trainings/workshop targeted to learn nautical skills

Another remake from last year with an increased number. Last year I had as target 2 training and I did 3. So this year I set the target to be 6.

8. Donate blood 3 times

Few years ago I worked in a NGO, our job was to cook for homeless people. It was a great experience in several ways but the thing that make me remember the most is how fortunate I am. With that in mind I decided to re-engage with my altruist side and dedicate more energy and time to help others. Being able to donate blood is the first part of this mindset for this year.

9. Donate R$ 1200 to NGOs

I was already doing that in some sort of way in the past but this year I decided to set a donation target and to keep tracking. This goal completes my will to help people.

I hope this post encourages you to make a change in your life through goals! If you don’t set them yet you should start to do it now. I was in your shoes in the past and I have to say that my life is much better now. Remember that “Everything is possible”!

If you need some help in this process don’t hesitate to reach out, you can use the comments for that or find me on the internet using my handle tmoreira2020 in the main social networks. I will be happy to help you (remember the last two goals).